Key Factors With Our Doctors Telephone Answering Service

28 Oct, 2015     admin

At No More Phone Tag one of the first things our development team did was to meet with doctors, medical staff, office managers, and administrators and discuss what was working in answering services and what wasn’t.

We found several ways to improve a standard answering system and modify and create new features to develop our industry recognized doctors telephone answering service. With our service, you don’t have to buy a bunch of special systems or telephones, and we have the ability to customize and personalize all aspects of the service to meet your specific needs.

Multiple Physicians

One of the functions or the factors that we immediately recognized was unique to medical answering system is the ability to take calls for multiple doctors that may be working out of the same clinic or office.

Our service features this, and each schedule and the answering system needs of each doctor can be customized to make this a complete system for any office, even when people have different schedules and needs.

Emergency Notifications

We understand that not all after hour calls are emergencies, and through our system patients can identify their call as an emergency or non-emergency communication. With the emergency call, a doctor is notified within seconds of the call and can hear the information provided by the patient in his or her own words. This prevents any misunderstanding or errors in transcription for the on-call doctor to understand the situation.

If the doctor wishes to call back the patient using the system, they simply push a button to use the patch service to call the patient. The clinic number will come up on caller ID, even if the doctor is using a cell phone or home phone.

The system will also automatically send messages to the home or cell phones for medical professionals on-call, or even to pagers. Non-emergency messages can be retrieved as needed, but the on-call doctor will not be notified, eliminating unnecessary intrusions for non-emergency issues.

Customization Features

It is important to keep in mind that our doctors telephone answering service is fully HIPPA compliant in handling of all PHI. Our staff routinely attends trainings on any changes to the HIPPA regulations that could impact our answering service support.

With this level of compliance and complete understanding of the regulations we actively work to eliminate any possible breaches of security or any mishandling of personal information for your patients, something that is all too common with many call center types of answering services.

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