Is Your Healthcare Call Center Putting Your Practice at Risk?

3 Sep, 2015     admin

Today, physicians have to be very careful about the way they conduct business. For example, it’s much easier to be involved in a malpractice suit because people are becoming more litigious. You might not realize it, but your healthcare call center can make one mistake and it could cost you dearly. Here is how this can happen.

Let’s take the case of Dr. Smith (a fictional physician). Dr Smith understands the importance of having a healthcare call center, but he is not fond of them. In fact, like some doctors, he looks upon call services as a “necessary evil” due to bad experiences in the past. However, the doctor spends way too much money for a few services and they are not the most competent.

One evening a patient of Dr. Smith (Mr. Jones) calls the office. He is suffering with blurred vision in one eye and numbness in his right hand. This came on suddenly and he called the office of Dr. Smith because he was concerned. Mr. Jones contacted the healthcare call center and was advised to go to the ER but he was also suffering with confusion and was adamant on talking to Dr. Smith. The answering service promised to contact Dr. Smith so he could call back Mr. Jones as soon as possible.

Dr. Smith was not notified for several hours and when he called Mr.Jones, he told him to go to the hospital immediately. However, due to this delay in communications, Mr. Jones did not receive the proper medication within the three hour time frame of having a stroke, and he suffered permanent paralysis. As a result, his family sued Dr. Smith for malpractice.

Your healthcare call center is much more than an answering service. It represents you and if your service is incompetent you can be held legally liable. Many things can go wrong with an answering service and you need a company known for dependability and competence. So what can you do? Check out what No More Phone Tag has to offer:

  • Calls answered right away – no more being placed on hold
  • Fully automated system removes the “human error” factor
  • Urgent calls are filtered from non urgent
  • Receive notifications via home phone, pager, or cell phone
  • No more “second hand” messages – you hear exactly what the patient said
  • No rude or insensitive people answering your phone
  • HIPAA complaint

No More Phone Tag is available on a free 14 day trial. It’s a flat rate healthcare call center service with no long term commitments. There’s no reason not to try it today.

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