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19 Apr, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

At No More Phone Tag, our experience in working with medical offices all across the United States has given us insight into the importance of quality control within medical practices. We also understand the role of HIPPA, patient confidentiality and overall experience for the patient in all aspects of their interaction with the medical office and the staff.
While during office hours this is controlled by the staff the medical practice interviews, screens and continues to monitor, the same is not true if you use live call center types of med answering services for after hour communications. In these settings, the doctor at the practice has no control over the professionalism, courtesy and phone manners of the individual working for the answering services.
This provides a risk for issues with ineffective and inefficient messaging, low patient ratings for the experience, and even potential breaches in HIPPA compliance that can ultimately result in a negative impact on the medical practice reputation.
Complete Records of Calls
With our automated med answering services record keeping and tracking of patient contact with the office or facility has never been easier. The system will automatically log all calls and what specific actions that callers took through the system.
This is of great value to a medical practice seeking to constantly improve quality and patient experience. By knowing why patients call in after hours and what they are interested in discovering, the system can be configured to more accurately reflect these needs.
Additionally, our systems can be set up to provide a full record of messages sent as a voicemail recording through email. This provides the ability to review all messages as needed to further discern and understand how patients are using the service.
Language Services
With our automated med answering services you can select how you want your messages recorded, including giving your patients the option to choose from different languages.
This is a real benefit in many cities and rural area, providing patients with information in their preferred language, eliminating the risk of misunderstanding while also making the office more patient-friendly.
To provide even more of a focus on quality, our systems are fully customizable and scalable to your needs. They can be used to cover multiple doctors in the office, to accurately manage complicated on-call rotations, and even to call multiple doctors if the primary on-call physician doesn’t answer, ensuring all emergency calls are responded to in a timely manner that builds patient confidence and trust in the medical office or facility.

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