How to Increase Your Medical Office’s Customer Service While Decreasing Your Expenses

9 Mar, 2017     nomorephonetagNew
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Customer service. You’ve heard it before and you know how vital and important it is for any business to succeed. Customer service plays an even larger role in medical offices where constant, direct patient interaction is the norm.

Why Customer Service is Important

Patients may be reluctant to even step foot in a medical facility because of how impersonal the customer service has become. Through their, refusal to get medical help, they are compromising their health.

As great as your intentions and efforts are of providing your patients with the best customer service possible, it can easily get put on the back burner during extremely busy times at your medical office.

What if there was a way for your medical office to be efficient, yet provide better customer service?

What About Cutting Costs?

Second to providing customer service is the concern of costs.

Operating a medical office, especially a busy one, can incur substantial costs. Medical and office equipment and supplies, office maintenance, computer software and employee compensation are just a few of the expenses of running a medical office.

How can a medical answering service cut down the operating expenses of your medical office?

In both instances, a medical answering service comes in handy.

Benefits of a Medical Answering Service

How many times has your receptionist been interrupted in talking to a patient by another patient calling in? You’d like to finish the conversation with the patient at the office, but you also don’t want to leave the patient on the phone on hold.

Free Up Staff and Doctor Time for Patients in The Office

A medical answering service can help by providing prompt customer service to the patient on the phone, which will allow your receptionist and staff to provide undivided attention to the patient right in front of them.

With a medical answering machine, HIPPA trained operators and phone representatives will promptly answer the phone and direct the patient’s call to the most appropriate personnel in your office.

Incoming calls are screened and separated so that your staff and doctors will only get urgent medical calls.

Having your phone system connected to a medical answering service frees up time your staff and doctors have to work with patients in the office while assuring that patients calling in won’t have to wait

A medical answering service provides great customer service to your patients who are calling your office.

Patients calling your office will be promptly greeted by a phone rep who can provide basic information and answers to questions. He or she can directly forward the patient to the doctor’s phone to leave a message.

For nonemergency medical questions or non-medical inquires, such as setting appointments, a remote phone representative can offer assistance so your busy staff and doctors don’t have to stop what they’re doing.

A medical answering service can, help your medical office run smoother and more efficiently.

Make Staff More Efficient and Use Less Resources

A medical answering service frees up your staff and doctor’s time as well as save on business expenses by only connecting you with patients who have a serious or urgent need. There are less people unexpectedly showing up in the office, less paperwork that needs to be completed and filed, and less times machines and other business equipment is needed and utilized.

Every patient has a need that is important, but for a well-run medical office, you need a way to prioritize patients so that those who have non-urgent needs or are walk-ins don’t take away potentially vital time from patients who have urgent medical needs or who have an appointment.

That is why a medical office answering system that features caller filtration is vital to cutting down unnecessary operational costs.

Not only will your staff’s time be more efficient, but it can save your practice money of on operating costs.

If you want to better your medical office’s customer service and save on operating costs, contact No More Phone Tag today. We employ HIPPA certified, professional phone reps and offer affordable answering services at a fixed rate.

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