How To Find Good Apartment Answering Services

18 May, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

Any commercial property owner or manager knows that being available to tenants and prospective new tenants is part of the job. It is also critical to be able to address emergency situations that may pop up such as plumbing backups, flooding, storm damage or any number of other situations.

Staying right by the phone or having all the calls forward to a cell phone, either your personal phone or a company phone is not really an answer either. Instead, you want to find a good apartment answering service that provides information, takes messages and contacts you when a real emergency situation occurs.

At No More Phone Tag, we have developed just this system. It works with your current phones and will provide a service at a flat rate that provides information, takes messages that can wait and also allows for the option to escalate emergency calls.

Scheduling Made Easy

We recognize that as apartment or commercial property managers staying behind a desk from nine to five is not a possibility. With our system, you can adapt the times you need the system to handle calls to work around your needs.
We should also mention this is all done at a monthly rate of just $65.00, meaning you never have to worry about how many phone calls are incoming to the service or how many are escalated to the emergency call level.

Immediate Response

With a standard voicemail, answering machine or even a forward to a cell phone it is very likely the caller will listen to several rings and then be routed through to the voicemail system.

With No More Phone Tag our calls are answered on the first ring, every time, with the professional greeting you want all your new and existing tenants to hear.

Property Information

Think about all the calls you or your staff will receive in a day specifically about availability and amenities with each property. Through our service all this information can be recorded, allowing potential new tenants to hear the information they need when the call comes in, even if it is at 2:00 am in the morning.

While we know there are many different avenues you may consider when looking for the top answering services for apartments and properties, we are confident that once you find our services at No More Phone Tag, you won’t need to look any further.

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