How To Find A Great Medical Call Center

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Doctors’ offices and physician’s practices know how important it is to have a medical call center or phone service that enables their patients to get in touch with them in the event of an after-hours emergency. Many doctors have tried using an automated call service and have experienced fantastic results. Here are a few reasons why so many healthcare professionals and medical offices prefer to use automated answering services for the after hour patient care needs.

  • Excellent Customer Service – doctors and patients both experience excellent customer service when using automated answering services. More than 90% of doctors who try it out for a short amount of time decide to use automated services permanently
  • Less Money – medical offices often spend a considerable amount of money on live operator answering services. Whether they pay per call or an hourly rate it can add up to being a substantial amount of money. Most automated answering services offer a fixed rate fee which allows doctors’ offices and medical practices to know exactly how much money they are going to spend each month. This eliminates a lot of overhead costs.
  • Customizable – doctors can customize the automated service to operate under their specific criteria.
  • More Accuracy – An automated answering service eliminates human error and ensures that doctors only receive the messages that they need to. Also, because the system transmits messages word for word from the patient to the doctor, there is never any worry about important information not getting to the doctor or being misunderstood by a call center employee. The doctor gets all the information they need from the patient themselves eliminating confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Multiple Methods of Contact – doctors can be notified of emergency calls in several different ways. They can choose to get a call on their cell phone or home phone. Or they could opt to get a text message or be paged. A doctor can choose any of those options or even all of them to ensure they don’t miss anything important.
  • No One Falls Through the Cracks – If the automated service cannot reach the on call doctor it will automatically send out messages to backup providers to ensure that someone handles the patient in need.
  • Triage Calls – an automated service will triage the incoming calls sending the important ones to the doctor on call and holding the other calls until regular office hours.
  • Quick Response Time – when an issue is truly an emergency the doctor on call is notified within three seconds. When there is a life threatening situation seconds matter. Getting the important information to the doctor quickly is incredibly important.
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