How Technology Has Changed The Landscape Of Healthcare Answering Services?

19 Jul, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

In the recent times, many technological breakthrough and innovations have transformed the functioning of healthcare answering services. It has ensured an increased level of accuracy and data protection along with several other benefits. Compliance with HIPAA regulations, effective data management, disaster recovery, and message transcription for relay on high-tech devices are some of the features integrated into contemporary answering services.

The changing landscape of healthcare industry has necessitated the need to comply with latest advancements of technology and enhance the user experience by maintaining high degrees of precision.

Here are some essential features that must be incorporated in your answering services to keep pace with technology.

Secure Text Messaging:

Data protection is utmost important in the field of healthcare answering services. As such, clinicians prefer to rely on a company providing secure text messaging to the doctors. This addition to communication protocols of healthcare center is also specified in HIPAA regulations. Secure messaging implies that messages sent to a smart phone are never stored on the device. It prevents any breach of laws in case the device is accidentally lost or stolen.

Electronic Health Record Maintenance and Management:

Your service provider must also have an integrated health record maintenance and management system to ensure compilation of patient information in an organized manner. Data protection and storage are essential components of an effective management system. Hence, prefer the companies having off-site and on-site storage facility for all your critical data. Their disaster recovery systems should be efficient and must adhere to specified regulations.

Voice Mail Transcription:

With secure messaging technology, physicians lose the messages from their smart-phones. But the same can be received through email on same devices. It is called voice mail transcription where voicemails are transcribed in the form of a precise and word by word written content that is immediately delivered to the concerned physician via an email. This advanced feature ensures easy access to urgent messages even in the late nights or afterhours.

Enriched Web Portals:

Advanced and state-of-the-art medical answering services must have a customized web portal for every individual site. With access to this portal, staff members can be informed about messages taken by call attendants. They can send secure messages to physicians and also find the notes attached to any message. This system also facilitates sudden changes in on-call scheduling of doctors.

These are some of the technological features that have largely impacted healthcare answering services making them more efficient and customer-centric in their operations.

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