How Medical Offices Can Increase Their Client Base and Improve Service

23 Aug, 2017     nomorephonetagNew

The healthcare industry is about much more than just making money. Yes, doctors do charge a hefty sum. But, this is in exchange for some of the most important services in the world. Your health is incredibly important, and they understand this.

With many insurance companies branching out, we now have more choices than ever when it comes to our health care. You no longer have to go to one specific doctor because it’s the only one that will work with your insurance carrier. You now have the option to pick and choose who you see, and what you see them for. This has brought a bit more competitiveness to the medical field. This isn’t a bad thing, as Market competition tends to drive prices down and improve consumer experiences. This has lead doctors to ask the question: how can I grow my practice as both a business and as a competent health care provider?

Regular Health Care is extremely important to every single person. It’s also important that they have a good relationship with their medical professionals. A patient that can trust their doctor is someone who will stay in Better Health and live longer. Providing good medical service is a multi-tiered approach. You can have fantastic staff in the waiting room, but if the doctor is rude and abrupt then you’ll lose patients. Then, there times that the secretarial staff are so disorganized that patients never make it back to even see the doctor!

This is really a team effort, and one that is based off of the individual skills of everyone involved. You want to make sure that the staff who deal with scheduling, billing, and all other secretarial services are Adept and professional. You also want to make sure that the nurses and doctors work well together in the best interest of the patients. One way to offset some of these problems is to look into a medical answering service. This is a way to bypass many of the secretarial issues that arise with poor scheduling practices. These are just a few other suggestions for improving the quality of your health care business:

Cut Waiting Time

Sometimes, we are forced to make doctor’s appointments on very tight schedules. Nobody likes getting there early and then having to wait well past their appointment time. This can be incredibly frustrating, and can actually cause people to miss their appointments due to other obligations. Having an answering service that understands the healthcare industry can allow them to schedule things appropriately, and to give you plenty of time for each and every patient. This cuts down on frustration, and allows people to get in and out faster. The more clients you’re able to see in an organized manner, the more Revenue you’ll eventually generate.

Keep Accurate Records

Medical records constantly need to be updated with patient information. The more detailed this information is, the better the doctor and patient relationship will be. Everyone likes to go in and have a doctor that recognizes them and treats them like a human being. Giving the doctor a good platform for work from can really improve this interaction.


Making sure to give patients reminder calls for appointments and checkups is a way of showing than that you genuinely care about their health care. It also helps them to miss fewer appointments, and to schedule new ones when the time is appropriate. Good communication is also extremely important when patients are waiting on test results.

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