How Doctor Telephone Answering Services Have Changed Over the Years?

14 Mar, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

If you walk into a doctor’s office or hospital today, you will see a vast array of stunning medical technology which was not available to us just a few short years ago. Not only can physicians see inside the body, the can see the body in action, in full color and three dimensions. The answering service for doctors has come a long ways too, but unfortunately, many medical professionals are still struggling with 20th Century technology. Here is a look at answering services over the years and what is available to healthcare professionals today.
The Telephone is Invented
As soon as the telephone came into being in the late 19th Century, people were trying to get a hold of others and getting frustrated when there was no answer. However, the telephone was a great leap forward in communications technology, as telegraph and slow moving mail were the previous main options.
At first, telephone calls had to be routed through a switchboard and this was time consuming and costly. Switchboards were manned by operators and you called the operator first, and were then connected to the person you wished to talk to.
Telephone Answering Service for Doctors
As soon as most doctors had telephones they needed a way to be contacted in times of emergencies. For a long time, a doctor had two choices, pay someone to answer the phone or answer the phone himself. Answering machines showed up in the 30s but it wasn’t until the late 70s and 80s, they were small enough and cost effective for wide usage.
Live Call Centers
Around the same time telephone answering machines became popular, live call centers sprang up all over the place. These services paid people relatively low wages to answer the phone and prioritize messages. However, there were two drawbacks to live all centers; high costs, and the human error factor.
No More Phone Tag
In the late 80s a man from Sweden named Walter Lundstrom started working on automated answering service technology. He brought it to the US and since then it has evolved into a cost effective and efficient service, and the 21st Century answering service for doctors (No More Phone tag) was born.
This service works just as well for the smaller business as it does for the big ones. With No More Phone Tag, you enjoy all the benefits of a live call center without human error and high costs. Your system greets callers with a professional announcement and has the ability to prioritize calls. You can be notified in several ways and when there is an emergency, the physician on call is contacted and can call the patient back without revealing his or her phone number. Add in a low flat rate monthly fee of $65 and 14 day free trial, and you may have the perfect answering service for doctors.

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