How Can You Prevent A Fatal Fall

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Fatal Fall

If you or a loved one had a slight scare and was about to fall, that is definitely something to be concerned about, especially when you or the person you love is of old age.

As you get older, your vision fades and your muscles and joints weaken, making it more likely to slip, trip, or stumble. Do not resort to calling a doctor answering service when the accidents can be prevented. Here are ways in which the risk of falling can greatly reduce around a person’s place of residence.

1. Wear A Pair Of Shoes.

In addition to socks, which increase the risk of falling on harder surfaces, shoes have rubber or polyurethane soles which cause tremendous friction with the ground and give you or your loved one control of where you or they are walking.

The shoes, however, need to be the right fit on the person’s feet. Using any pair of shoes that might happen to be too big or too small is not good, as it might cause the person to stumble and fall in a certain step and get injured. Shoes that are the right size will maintain the person’s control and balance.

2. Use Rubber, Non Slip Mats.

There are many times when a person will encounter a slippery surface in a given period of time; the bathroom, the kitchen, and the porch when it’s raining, are all places where the floor can be wet, and can cause a chance of falling as well. Wet floors and puddles reduce friction; in which not even shoes can make much of a difference to prevent a fall.

Rubber mats have friction no matter if wet or dry, so having these where you or your loved one will walk will provide stable support.

3. Keep Rooms Brightly Lit.

The brighter a room, the more you can see. Depending on the person, their vision may be reduced due to aging, and navigating with little to no light in a room could be very challenging. If an individual is left in a dark room, the chances of walking into or tripping on an object greatly increase, and a phone or pager to contact your doctor answering service might be hard to find.

Be sure that each room of your house is lit with bright bulbs in the appropriate places so that you or your loved one can see clearly what is in front of them.

4. Use Handrails For Guidance.

There are times when an elderly man or woman can find it very difficult in getting out of a bed, a bathtub, a car, or off a chair or a toilet. Many more muscles need to be used so that the body can stand upright.

Fortunately, you or your loved one can install rails in certain parts of the house so that getting up in not an uphill battle. An elderly person can grab onto these rails to help them stand up and maintain their balance when transitioning their body’s weight to their feet. A bathroom or bedroom is not the ideal place to fall, due to the chances of a phone to contact a doctor answering service not being nearby, so do keep this in mind.

If you or your loved one lives in a multi story house, stairs will definitely be troublesome for people with weak feet. If this is the case, handrails are highly recommended along staircases as well.

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