$65 Monthly Flat Rate
100% HIPAA Compliant
Find out why 9 out of 10 doctors prefer No More Phone Tag

Every Call Matters

Our HIPAA compliant answering service ensures your patient confidentiality. We know that every call is important to your facility, which is why we receive calls 24/7 to avoid missing important calls during weekends, during lunch, or after hours. We are capable of answering for multiple physicians throughout any type of schedule.

Completely Customizable HIPAA Compliant Support

On call physicians will receive emergency messages word for word and they can be dispatched to a cell phone, home phone, or through a text. We will send the message to additional back up numbers if the on-call physician cannot be reached for an urgent message. We can also deliver email messages that include the emergency call information. Doctors are notified within 3 seconds for urgent calls. Patients can leave non-urgent messages to be returned during the next business day as well.

Eliminate Mistakes

We are able to reduce mistakes that are common with traditional answering services. We are consistently accurate in our HIPAA compliant answering services. We answer in a professional manner while providing superior patient care, flawlessly following any instruction from your practice; all within a price point that works with your current budget. Customers are confident in our abilities and we have an annual renewal rate of nearly 100%.

Low Monthly Cost

Unlike other answering services, we charge a monthly flat rate of $65. We have no hidden fees and there will not be additional charges per call or message. Throughout your service contract your rate will never change regardless of the number of calls per month. With our flat rate service plan you have a budgeted amount that you can count on at the end of the month.

Call us at (866) 366-6868 to utilize our medical answering services and begin providing exceptional support for your patient’s calls.

HIPPA Compliant Answering Services for Medical Professionals

Our 100% HIPAA compliant answering service for medical professionals ensures that every call is answered on the first ring, every time. We ensure that physicians are notified immediately when necessary and we allow the physician to return the phone call without the need to block their phone number. We follow up with the on-call physician for all urgent phone calls and we give customers the choice between various escalation options in the event a physician cannot be reached.

What our customers are saying

  • – Michael Heys – Central Ohio Counseling

    "We have, with great frustration, tried several different ways to manage our inbound calls over the last couple of years. Now, with No More Phone Tag, we finally have a service that works great for us AND at a price that fits our budget. Our patient satisfaction level and productivity have improved dramatically. Thank you!"
  • – Angie Doles, Practice Manager WomanKind Obstetrics & Gynecology

    "Since we switched to No More Phone Tag, we really don't have to worry about after hours calls any more. I love how you are glad to adapt your service to fit exactly to our needs, and I really like how responsive and friendly you are whenever we need help. I would recommend No More Phone Tag to any physician's office."
  • … Nancy May – Broyles, May & Coyle Family Practice

    We switched to No More Phone Tag in January, 2010 and we are very happy with your service. In addition to dramatically cutting our cost, your service saves the doctors’ time when they have urgent calls from patients. We really like your prompt, friendly and professional customer service.”