Affordable Healthcare Call Center Solutions

Our medical call center provides physicians with medical answering services for their practice. We know that staff cannot be available to accept important phone calls around the clock in a medical facility. We receive calls in a professional manner after hours, during lunch breaks, or on weekends.

Reduce Erroneous Information

By choosing No More Phone Tag as your answering service, you can look forward to reducing inconsistencies. Our healthcare call centers are accurate as well as friendly. Medical facilities have been so happy with our service that we have an extremely high annual renewal rate.

Benefits to Physicians

Our doctor answering service provides numerous benefits, especially when addressing emergency calls. Phone calls are always answered on the first ring, and then we separate non-urgent calls from urgent calls. Information received from urgent calls is sent to the on-call doctor within 3 seconds. In the event we cannot reach the on-call physician, we begin following the escalation process that your facility has set up. Emergency messages can be sent to cell or home phones, through email, or via text. We also give physicians the opportunity to return phone calls without having the block their caller ID.

Let Your Patients Know You Care

We receive all calls in a respectful and caring manner. When patients call after hours we want them to know their call will be handled promptly and professionally. Patients also have the option of leaving messages for their doctor to be addressed the next business day. We remain 100% compliant with HIPAA and understand the sensitive needs of patients, which is why we provide them with several options to escalate the call according to severity and importance.

Affordable Flat Rate Service

Our answering service charges a monthly flat rate of $65. There are no hidden fees and our price will not change regardless of the number of phone calls answered. This is an excellent choice for medical facilities because it is a consistent monthly amount that works with any budget.

We Customize Our Services

All of our answering services are fully customizable. We can answer for several physicians with personalized instructions for each. Call us today at (866) 366-6868 for professional medical call center services that provide the timely and accurate assistance you need to handle patient phone support.