Have You Really Checked Out Your Medical Call Center?

2 Sep, 2015     admin

Do you have any idea what kind of service your patients receive when they call your medical call center? In other words, have you put yourself in the place of the patient and actually called your own service during and after hours, to see how effective it is? If not, you might be in for a big surprise when you do. Why not give yourself a call? Here are some important things to think about when you make this very important call.

Strategy One – Become a Prospective New Patient

Call the number and inquire about making an appointment with your practice. This will give you an idea of the wait time. For example, if someone contacts your medical call center and is placed on hold for a long time, they may simply hang up and go to another doctor. Plus, you might be totally unaware this is happening.

Strategy Two – Monitoring Patient Calls

Ask a patient to call your service with a message at a particular time. Why is this so important? You might not be getting all your calls during off hours. Nothing is more frustrating to your patients, than not being able to contact you when they need you.

Another way to monitor patient calls is to perform periodic patient satisfaction surveys. This can be done in a number of ways, but the best method is to hand each patient a survey form, when they sign in for an appointment. This will give them something to do while they are waiting. In addition, it shows you care about your patients.

Strategy Three – Monitoring Doctor’s Calls

Ask another doctor to contact your medical call service with an urgent message. Make sure you know when the call was made. This way, you know just how efficient your answering service is.

What Makes a Good Medical Call Service?

A good answering service can meet all your needs. Plus, you should have the ability to customize the service as your needs change. An effective service can easily separate urgent calls from the non urgent ones. However, patients still need to feel they are being treated with courtesy and respect.

With No More Phone Tag, your patients feel important because they know their urgent messages will be responded to promptly. This also makes it easier on you, as a medical professional. You won’t have to be bothered with unimportant messages after hours and the important messages will get through to you. We offer a free 14 day trial for our medical call service and you don’t need a credit card to take advantage of the offer.

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