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12 Apr, 2017     nomorephonetagNew
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Doctors have a tough job. The famous Hippocratic Oath that doctors take make them morally liable towards a patient’s life. It ensures that they do not falter or become greedy for money. Since time immemorial, doctors have been respected and revered across the globe. The solution to most problems lies in this one word DOCTORS.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that even after service hours and work hours, doctors are ever present and available to help their patients. However, in this merry go round between doctors and patients, there are moments when the doctor needs some relief and peace. A doctor is after all a mere human being, although treated as God since generations.

We, as patients, in our anxiousness to be healthy and get well soon, sometimes repeatedly call up the family doctors. Even if the symptom is minor and negligible, the doctor is called in the middle of the night, only to discover that it is nothing! To provide the least bit of relief to doctors and to resolve this problem, there are answering machines that can create the perfect solution.

The medical after hours answering service is set to such a way that only the most urgent calls are filtered to get through. The answering service is manual as well as automated. Doctors can now pay a minimal amount on a monthly, bi-monthly, six monthly or annual basis to avail of the service. An increasingly anxious world has brought about with it increasingly impatient citizens worried about their health and safety.

In such a scenario, the medical after hours answering service comes as a boon to doctors. This service is a great hit amongst doctors and hospitals. It is only when the doctor gets a full night’s rest can she treat her patients efficiently. The answering service is answered quickly and exigency is notified to the concerned doctor or department right away. In as quickly as 3 to 5 seconds, the real emergency calls can get through to the doctor.

Are you worried that your patient’s history and medical problems will be disclosed? Such a thing will never happen since confidentiality is the watchword for the medical answering service. Your patient’s history as well as the treatment being accorded will be kept under wraps. The number of calls may range from 1 to 1000 or more per month; the fee structure is kept at a flat rate. The professional medical service will enhance your productivity and professionalism.

The customer service is exemplary – even if the patients do not understand or speak the local language, the service ensures that a language comfortable to them is referred to. In a professional manner, the calls will be handled and managed. However, since it is patients that are being dealt with, the customer care and call units are professional but with a personal touch. The patient will never feel left out nor they would be spoken to rudely. If the doctor is expecting a particular call from a patient at night, a request can be placed for the same so that the call immediately gets through.

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