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17 May, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

Medical offices, clinics and related healthcare services working with patients during business hours are all about patient care and providing the patients with the information they need. At No More Phone Tag, we don’t believe this focus should end when the doors are locked and the staff goes home for the night.

We believe that through our automated medical office answering service we can provide the system to allow your patients to have the same quality care they have come to expect when they call in and speak personally to your staff. When trying to decide how to find a medical office answering service, compare our

The Comparison

We know that there are several reasons that patients may call into medical office answering services. After all, they are aware that calling in after office hours in the evening, early morning or on the weekend is not going to result in an in-person response by a medical professional.

They may expect to talk to a medical call answering service, which is the most often used options by physicians. Many patients are uncomfortable in sharing their personal information with these services, and there is always the possibility of incorrect information being recorded.

To address these issues, our medical office answering service provides options for your patients or even for potential new patients looking for information. This addresses all types of callers, and gives them just what they need.

Just the Facts, Please

There will be some people calling into any doctor’s office after hours to find out basic information such as office hours, the address, or other specific information related to the services you provide.
With our system, which is fully compatible with your current communication network, they can self-select the information they need to have without listening to endless information.

Leave a Non-Emergency Message

Patients may choose to leave a non-emergency message through the system. This will be stored until an authorized individual accesses the messages, typically the next business day.

This prevents unnecessary calls to the on-call physicians and also gives the patient the freedom to leave messages when it is convenient for them. As they are leaving a message directly with their doctor’s office they are more comfortable in providing details compared to talking to someone at a medical call center.

Leaving an Emergency Message

This is where the No More Phone Tag system offers amazing benefits for patients and on-call doctors. In just seconds after the message is left, the system notifies the on-call doctor and he or she can hear the patient’s message in their own words. Additionally, an email or text can also be sent to the doctor, and the system can be set up as needed.

Finally, if the designated on-call doctor does not respond, the next in line will be called to ensure the patient gets the medical assistance required. This system is highly effective and efficient, giving your patients the level of care needed even when the office is closed.

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