Essential Medical Answering Service Pricing

26 Mar, 2015     admin

If you’re hesitating about getting a medical answering service for your practice, you are wasting precious time and money for your business. By parsing out the following office-related costs, you can quickly see how medical answering service pricing will virtually always be worth the money.

How Valuable are Appointments?

The first question to ask yourself about your practice is how much you are normally able to bill for each patient. Offices that do lots of works beyond a simple check-up (such as x-rays or lab work), will generally have a higher average billing rate than an office that mainly sees patients who get prescriptions from a physician.

Once you have this number, you can move on to the next step.

How Often Are Appointments Missed or Cancelled?

Once you know how much the average appointment is worth, you need to find out how many appointments are missed each month, on average. These could include appointments that were mistakenly scheduled on the wrong day, people who don’t show up without explanation, and people who formally cancel their appointments.

Missed appointments cost you whatever the average patient visit is worth.

How Much Can Medical Answering Services Save My Office?

Now that you know about how much money you’re missing each month from missed appointments, you can compare these losses to the cost of getting a medical answering service.

How Would a Medical Answering Service Help My Office?

Using a medical answering service means that you give your patients a way to communicate directly with the office in a quick and easy manner. This means that your customers will be more satisfied with the level of service that they receive from your office.

When customers are more satisfied, they tend to stay with the medical care provider they’re currently using instead of shopping around with your competitors in the hope that your competitors are more responsive. Feeling as though they are not getting the service they deserve is one possible reason people are skipping appointments.

Another issue with people missing appointments is that they may have forgotten when their appointment was scheduled. Giving clients the ability to call in and leave a message allows your office to remind them at their earliest convenience. Having confirmation of the time and date of their appointment makes them more likely to keep it, ensuring that your office keeps as many scheduled appointments as possible.

With an answering service available for people who need to reschedule appointments, you can make sure that your office schedule is always as up to date as possible. When one person leaves a message to cancel or reschedule, you can fit in someone else. This keeps your revenue flowing smoothly.

Having a schedule that is updated also keeps you and your employees organized and aware of the availability, or lack of availability, of certain appointment times. This reduces confusion when someone calls in to make an appointment, even during regular business hours for your office.

How Do I Get Medical Answering Services for My Office?

You can get started with medical answering services for your office right now! Visit our contact us page and you’ll find an option to try our answering services free for 14 days. The no-obligation, no-credit-card-needed free trial will let you experience all the benefits of having a medical answering service that helps you hold on to a steady stream of completed meetings with patients and keep your office revenue flowing.

There’s no reason to hesitate anymore when it comes to securing easy-to-use, effective medical answering services for your office. No matter what kind of patients you’re seeing, our reasonable prices and high-quality service will make your purchase worth every penny!

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