When doctors try us out, over 90% prefer No More Phone Tag

$65 Monthly Flat Rate
100% HIPAA Compliant

What Makes Our Doctors Answering Service Different?

  • Urgent or not? We make sure that only the calls that you consider truly urgent notify the doctor on-call.
  • No more frustrations: The correct provider is always notified right away.
  • Time matters when it’s urgent: We’ll answer and dispatch quicker than anybody else.
  • Flat rate: Our doctor’s answering service is always $65 per month no matter how many calls, messages, etc. you get.
  • Patient confidentiality: We take the HIPAA laws seriously, so you’ll never have to worry.
  • No need to block your cell number: You’ll call back though our service so the patient only sees the phone number of your practice.
  • Patients that don’t speak English? No worries, our multi-language service makes that easy.
  • Medical answering is our specialty: Founded in 1991, we manage over 300,000 medical calls every month.
  • Personal service: We’re a high-tech answering service built on old-fashioned, down to earth, customer service.

Customer Service

Find out why, after trying it out, over 90% of doctors prefer our doctors answering service.


Our medical answering service pricing is only a flat rate of $65 per month. We never add per minute charges or extra fees


We’re not a big, impersonal corporation. We’re a small business run by friendly people who love what they do.


Our HIPAA compliant services are able to fit any on-call schedule, allow real-time changes, support multiple doctors, and more.

Your Patients will Know that You Care

Great businesses start with great customer care, and doctors’ offices are no different. Our doctors answering service will make sure your after-hours calls are handled promptly, professionally, and without any hassle.

  • If the call is not urgent, the patients can quickly leave messages for the next business day
  • If the call is truly urgent, the doctor on-call will be notified within 3 seconds and can return the call quicker than ever before

No More Phone Tag will help you provide the needed balance of serving as many patients as possible while making sure each patient feels important and receives optimal care. Our system will benefit both you and your patients.

We Customize to Your Needs

Our on-call after hours answering services for medical offices customize to your individual wants and needs. Each physician can personalize their own on-call and escalation process. Also, for things like non-urgent consults from the hospital, we can hold the messages and then deliver them at specific times the next day. Our doctors answering service will make your medical office more efficient so you can help your patients in the timeliest manner.

We make it easy for you to

  • Provide exceptional patient care
  • Feel confident that ONLY truly urgent issues are escalated
  • Dispatches to multiple backup numbers if no response to an emergency call
  • Never have to worry about missing important calls
  • Save money

Our HIPAA compliant doctors answering service allows you to control your time while still providing great patient care. You will be able to prioritize patient calls so you can better treat all patients, both those with emergencies and those with non-emergency health concerns. Every call is handled consistently and exactly per your instructions so you don’t have any headaches about dealing with your answering service.

We Offer a Fixed Rate

One of the strongest aspects to our doctors answering service, is that you know exactly how much you will spend each month. You will never run into extra charges for individual calls, pages, patches, minutes, etc. We make it easy for you to budget whether the call is emergency status or not.

We believe in better alternatives and having a doctors answering service that costs a flat, fixed amount is just better.

If you want to get the most out of your practice or even if you are looking for a virtual phone system, contact us today to get a quote on our services and find out how No More Phone Tag can make a difference in your medical office.

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQ page for more information.