Customizable Property Management Answering Services Make Your Company Shine

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Property managers know how important it is to keep their current tenants happy while attracting new tenants to their property. This is why so many rental companies choose to use a property management answering service. There are many ways that this customizable service can benefits properties no matter how big or small they are.

  • Provide a Professional Greeting – when current and perspective tenants call your property it is important that they are greeted with a message that is professional, friendly and informative. Answering services help businesses customize a greeting that sounds polished and professional.
  • Customizable – answering services can be formatted so that more than one person can receive the messages that come in. They can be set up to accommodate even the largest property management companies. Calls can be screened according to their importance and then sent to the appropriate person.
  • Priority Sorting – automated services are able to determine if a call is emergent and needs to be dealt with immediately, or if it can wait until the next business day.

Keep Tenants Happy for Less Turnover

Property managers know how important it is to keep their tenants happy in order to have a high occupancy rating. When tenants leave it often takes a lot of time and money to get an apartment cleaned out and ready for another tenant. While the apartment sits empty the owner is losing money by not having it rented. A big key to low turnover and tenants staying for a long time is the satisfaction they get by living in the complex. If tenants can’t ever get ahold of anyone when they have issues that need attention it will lead to dissatisfactions and high turnover rates. That leads to more open apartments and less money coming in. A good automated answering service will help keep tenants happy because it will send the important calls to someone who can help immediately. This helps the tenants feel confident that their needs will be addressed and that their concerns are important.

Find New Tenants Fast

Another way that automated answering services can benefit apartment owners is by sorting through the callers and placing a higher urgency on calls from prospective tenants. These can be put through right away to the person in charge of tenant placement. Prospective tenants will be impressed by the quick response that they receive and will feel more confident about moving into an apartment complex where they response time is fast and the personnel are friendly.

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