Automated Systems And Live Operator Physicians Answering Services

7 Jul, 2015     admin

For medical practices that don’t offer 24/7 patient assistance and support, using an answering service to handle after hour emergency and non-emergency calls is a given. Virtually all doctors and clinic will employ some type of answering service, and the debate has been raging for years about the benefits of live human operators over automatic systems.

The reality is that both options have their pros and cons. Any physicians answering services are only going to be as good as the people they hire or the software they have developed and utilized in their system. This is where No More Phone Tag has an advantage over other automated medical answering services, both of the human and automatic kind.

Talking to a Machine

Many people who don’t use an automated physicians answering services say that people aren’t comfortable talking into a machine to leave details of medical issues, including emergency situations.

In reality, the doctors and clinics we work with find just the opposite. They are much happier being able to provide, in their own words, information their doctor can listen too. What they don’t appreciate is spending time on the phone trying to make a person understand the emergency situation.

By recording a message and indicating if it is an emergency or non-emergency situation, they system immediately contacts the on-call physician on the system. If that individual doesn’t answer or is out of cell phone range, the system automatically immediately calls the next physician in the hierarchy.

This ensures all your patients using our system will have their emergency information relayed to a qualified doctors within a matter of minutes of leaving the message.

Hearing from a Doctor

The doctor can then immediately contact the patient through the system with the push of a button from their mobile or home phone. The patient will see only the clinic or office number, eliminating the need for the doctor to call and leave his or her private phone number on a patient’s phone.

This is certainly not true of traditional physicians answering services where the message is relayed, and then the doctor calls back on her or his phone. With the automatic system, there is also no delay in getting the message to the doctor or the next in line, ensuring a prompt response and building patient appreciation and trust in your professional services.

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