Answering Services: Top 4 Business Benefits

26 Feb, 2015     admin

Answering services can be an invaluable business asset. Not only can you put an end to phone tag, but you can also build your reputation as a company that is responsive to the needs of customers. It is not enough to make promises; you need to fulfill them.

People generally associate answering services with medical offices. However, other businesses can benefit from using them, as well. Businesses can have a huge inflow of calls, and many smaller companies do not have a dedicated receptionist. A property management answering service can help with meeting the demands of a constantly ringing phone.

1. Minimal Interruptions

The last thing your company needs for its productivity is constant interruptions. Every client deserves your undivided attention (they expect that), and your secretary or personal assistant may not always be available. With an answering service, you never miss a call, and you don’t need to rely on your administrator’s recollection of important phone conversations. You get your messages delivered to you verbatim.

All kinds of businesses are reaping the benefits of not having to mind the phone at all hours of the day, including service organizations, property management teams, and solo entrepreneurs. You never need to worry about losing business because you aren’t picking up the phone, nor do you need to drop everything to answer it every ten minutes. Greater productivity means more money in your pocket.

2. Routine Business Management

Modern business answering services can handle routine business tasks. Say you’re a large corporation that needs to take orders and explain how to how to use products… they can provide a virtual secretary to handle this for you professionally and on your terms. If you’re an insurance company, you can have an assistant there to answer questions about costs, coverage limits, premium deadlines, etc.

Answering services can do much more than simply take messages. Good medical answering services can help you filter out emergency calls from non-emergency calls. No More Phone Tag can help you never miss an important call again, including valuable sales leads and potential new patients.

3. 24/7 Availability

When you run a company, it is important to be available to your customers. Even when you and your employees are enjoying some downtime at home, clients may have questions that need a response today. They might not be able to wait until you get back on Monday. Proper answering services help provide 24/7 availability while you still enjoy free time with your friends and family.

Taking messages, filtering out leads, and forwarding emergency calls are all services that answering services provide, and everything can be customized down to the last detail. When you are off eating dinner, brushing your teeth, or doing anything else, a message service is catching the message about a lead for your next big sale. You are always there, even when you’re not.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

To stand out in your industry, you need to provide customer service that goes beyond that of competing businesses. Telephone answering services let you be there for your customers while you run your business, which keeps them coming back. Worry about product development, providing services, and being on the sales floor. Let skilled representatives prioritize messages and answer frequently asked questions.

Companies can’t afford to neglect their customer’s needs and concerns. When a customer wants to know why her printer won’t work, having an answering service to walk her through troubleshooting steps can save you time for developing set-up services for your computer store. Answering services make it possible for you to be in two places at once responding to calls, and handling clients in a timely fashion.

Ready to boost productivity and streamline business operations? Call us on 866-366-6868 (it’s toll free) and we’ll walk you through our answering services. You can also contact us here.

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