All You Need to Know about Medical Answering Services

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All You Need to Know about Medical Answering Services

A specialized medical answering service can help medical professionals increase the efficiency of their patient communication systems. Most medical practices these days use healthcare answering services to ensure prompt and reliable responses to their patients’ calls.

Medical call management services offer several, flexible service packages to hospitals and clinics. Medical practices are able to get personalized call management solutions at cost-effective prices. Choosing a professional answering service ensures that patient calls are effectively screened and routed to the relevant person with minimum disturbance to the busy hospital personnel.

Below are some benefits of hiring a medical answering service:

They help to reduce staffing costs; to maintain internal staff to respond to patient calls, you will have to train them, provide for their insurance and salaries and you cannot guarantee that they will be available 24×7. However, a professional answering service can answer and handle patient calls at all times of the day. These professionals have the proper training to do this task.

Professional answering services guarantee that all urgent calls are immediately forwarded to doctors available at the time while the more routine calls for rescheduling appointments or changing prescription drugs are shelved for later. They can even provide appointment reminder facilities so that the medical professionals do not have to be bothered about calling patients to remind them of these appointments.

Professional medical answering services can save a lot of time, especially when there is an emergency. Since medical offices are always busy and congested, the virtual receptionists can filter calls, directing the urgent ones to doctors for immediate attention.

How do I choose these answering services?

Choose Companies That Invest in Regular Staff Training

Any answering service is only as good as its call answering staff. Ask about the educational background and training of call operators. Does the company have its own training program for newly joined call operators? If not, which methods do they use to check the veracity of new staffers’ training certificates?

Also, check the nature and frequency of company training programs. How often, if at all, is the staff given refresher sessions in key medical call answering protocols? Is there a system in place for conducting regular performance audits?

Checking for Potential Problems

Consistent, regular auditing is essential to creating and maintaining an efficient call management system. Regular audits help reveal potential bottlenecks before they become a serious issue. Ask your call management services for regular reports.

Some details that need to be included in these statements include:

The total number of calls handled by the company

  • Peak call hours
  • the average response time- at regular hours and during peak hours
  • whether any callers were put on hold, and if so, for how long?
  • Where there any repeat calls? If so, what was the nature of the call?

This kind of regular monitoring will prevent your call management system from developing any bottlenecks or blind spots.

Whenever possible, ask for a free trial before switching over to a new answering service. This will ensure you are not disappointed later on from the service of your answering service.

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