After Hours Contact for Medical Personnel

16 Jun, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

The goal of a doctor’s office is to help patients with their medical issues through accurate evaluations and diagnosis, efficient record keeping for future visits and reference and friendly customer service. All of these factors should work together to provide patients with the best possible experience especially during a time where they do not feel well or if there is an emergency.

Office hours are clearly handled in a different manner than when it is closed and it is during this second timeframe that some offices can struggle with adequate solutions.

Doctors are considered to be always on call whether they are the only medical assistance in a small town for miles around or they have rights at the neighboring hospitals and are on rotation. In this case they need to be reachable any time of the day or night no matter who is calling but it is important that this contact is prioritized in such a way that there is a consideration of schedule.

This is where having a physicians’ answering service can significantly help your business and give your patients the reassurance they need during an emergency.

Answering services are common in a variety of industries so that individuals calling in do not have deal with an automated system or leave a voicemail and then wonder when they will get a call back. In the medical field this human contact helps to identify true emergencies where the doctor needs to be contacted right away from situations that can wait until office hours when the doctor will receive those particular messages. It can be set up per the doctor’s specifications based on their unique practice and the individuals answering the phone are trained and certified to handle a wide range of medical events to ensure that every call is handled in the correct manner.

Doctors cannot be everywhere at once nor can they be on the phone 24 hours a day but physicians’ answering services can help to bridge that gap so that both sides are taken care of securely and in a timely and appropriate manner. Go online today and check out the different options so that you can start giving your practice the openness it needs to create a successful patient/doctor relationship.

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