History of No More Phone Tag

When Walter Lundstrom visited the U.S. in 1987 as a Goodwill Ambassador for Sweden and Rotary, he had no idea that he would find the love of his life, a southern belle from Nashville, Tennessee who would play a large part in starting his own company right here in Columbus.

When later interviewing with a growing voicemail company, his interest was sparked in the up and coming world of telecommunications and computers. Being an entrepreneur, Walter then began tackling, the Swedish phone monopoly, and after much struggling, his wife, knowing his undying drive to succeed, suggested that his ideas would do well and thrive in America. No More Phone Tag was soon born.

After building his business in the states, Walter was given the chance to understand better what businesses needed. No More Phone Tag began building exceptional call answering technology tools. These are tools that most businesses need to utilize and they began to take the vision a step further; recognizing that these services also need to be more affordable, customizable, and efficient specific to each company’s’ situation and image, no matter how large or small the business.

The Concepts of our Unique Call Answering Services

Mid-size to large companies, in the past, have benefited the most because they can afford customized systems that are able to maximize productivity and reflect their company image. While in contrast the small businesses have had to get by with more generic packages on their phone systems. With No More Phone Tag you will find that we not only provide the same quality of service but also made affordability a top priority.

We continue to assure that our values always reflect our beliefs. Our mission is to make sure the each company:

  • remains competitive
  • is able to portray themselves as the best at what they do
  • and continues to portray a professional and friendly image to each caller, now and in the future

What we assure as Professionals

Our updated technologies allow for complete back up of any current system and have the ability to completely replace your current system if necessary.

No More Phone Tag is HIPAA Compliant, and makes it a priority to remain current on HIPAA trainings and regulations so you can rest assured that your sensitive information remains protected and secure.

In addition, we are proud to note that our customer service ratings are some of the best. We encourage all potential clients to do their research and are happy when we are able to provide the service and expertise that they are looking for.

In the Interest of Medical Professionals

The services that we offer are especially important in the Medical industry. Every medical professional can benefit from a physician answering service.

With our quality and customizable options, medical professionals no longer have to worry about prioritizing urgency while our products give options to escalate the system based on urgency. In addition, we know that each business owner needs to be able to rely on a company, like ours, that takes care of all the details so that their focus can remain on growing their business.

With these values in mind, has evolved No More Phone Tag’s unique selling proposition: “When Every Call Matters!”

A Note from the Founder

In the early stages of “No More Phone Tag”, I had this idea that our automated messaging service could be used as an afterhours answering service for doctors. However, many people doubted that patients would be okay with talking to a “machine” when they are in pain. Being young and foolish, I believed the naysayers and scrapped the idea. In 2007, 15 years later, I noticed we had several doctor offices as clients. Out of curiosity, I asked them why they used our services. It turned out that they used us as their afterhours answering service because our services worked so much better than what they had previously used.

In order to learn more about what medical practices need from their answering services, I interviewed many doctors, practice managers, and other medical professionals. I got a really clear picture on how calls need to be handled afterhours and weaknesses with the traditional answering services.

While the traditional answering service seems ideal, one of the most fatal flaws is that they are not staffed by medically trained individuals. These operators are unable to assess the urgency of your pain or illness, so they don’t know the appropriate times to page the doctor on call. This is frustrating for both patients and doctors because it wastes so much time.

Another problem is that call center jobs don’t attract highly educated employees. Low paid staff that work the night shift are a lot more likely to make mistakes when taking down medical messages. It is also more common to make other mistakes like contacting the wrong doctor on call, not notifying the doctor immediately when needed, etc. Unfortunately, many doctors think that this is just the way things are and they can’t really do anything about it.

Considering these issues, an automated system would need these basic features to improve the standard system and experience for all parties involved:

  • An understanding of the needs and issues of medical practices
  • Customizable to fit the individual needs and situations of each particular practice
  • An ability to successfully separate the urgent calls from the non-urgent ones while still helping the caller feel cared about and appreciated
  • When an urgent call comes in, the on call doctor is contacted in the exact way they have specified with a backup plan in place when they don’t answer

If the answering service is designed correctly, it results in happier doctors and patients. Doctors appreciate a service that is 100% accurate and only getting contacted with truly urgent issues. Patients prefer to leave a hassle-free message and receiving a call back from the doctor quickly when they have an urgent matter.

Traditional answering services are frustrating for both patients and doctors, so we created something different. Instead of relying on call center staff with no medical training, our service is completely automated, customized to fit each practice. Each office finds that No More Phone Tag successfully separates urgent calls from non-urgent ones, sending the urgent messages to the correct doctor on call faster than any other service. The doctor is able to hear the message exactly as the patient left it, which eliminates any miscommunication. Notifications are sent through a pager, text, call, or email until the doctor receives the message with the ability to call the patient back privately through the service with the office caller ID.

All of these benefits have shown patients, doctors, and medical offices that they are able to communicate better through automated answering services like No More Phone Tag.

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