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16 Feb, 2015     admin

As a busy professional, medical or otherwise, you would want to utilize your time for your priority tasks. There are times when there is too much to do in too short a time. Yet, you want to handle it all, in the best possible manner. Would you like to have a secretary that can handle your calls 24/7 efficiently? Who wouldn’t? A patient or a tenant needs immediate attention. You want each and every call to be treated with the urgency it deserves. You will surely be impressed when your callers rave about this Customer Service. It is the best.


An emergency needs to be handled with speed, accuracy and sensitivity. Sometimes the phone calls all come in at once. Sometimes there are those who demand your time when you have an important task on your hands. What if, that phone call is also important and urgent?


You need a well-trained assistant to triage the calls. You would need an extended staff to handle each and every phone call correctly whether it is to take the overflow of calls, or to fill in lunchtimes and after hours, on weekends, or when you are called elsewhere. It is difficult, unless you are running a big, worldwide corporation.

We can provide you with a virtual secretary. We can provide you with a doctors answering service or property management answering service that is accurate, timely, patient and in the manner which you would want us to. And whether we handle 100 or 1,000 calls for you, we still do not charge any extra. We have perfected our virtual secretary service and we aim to customize it further to your requirements.

What if-

You are not contactable? Would you want the call to be diverted to another number? Done
You want to listen to the actual message left for you? Done
You expected every call to be answered on the first ring? Done
You want to keep the existing phone system? Done
You wanted the service to be 100% HIPAA compliant? Done
You wanted to be reassured that you’d only pay a set amount per month? Done
You needed the service to be customized to your specific requirements? Done
You did not have time to train your staff? Done
You expected the service to be 100% HXXX compliant? Done
You wanted a service that left no room for errors?
You needed the service to be customized to your specific requirements?
You wanted a free trial? Done
You did not want to commit to a contract after that? Done
You wanted to check this out right now? Done
What if you wanted to use the phone –614-895-2820 / 866-366-6868 (toll-free)
You wanted to include some feature we did not list on our website? We’re all ears!

91.7% of the practices that have tried our system – for free – have opted to sign up with No More Phone Tag. This service is very efficient, and certainly not expensive. All it will cost you to find out more is 10 minutes of your time.

Give yourself a chance to be more efficient and effective in your role, and maybe even give yourself some time for R&R.. Don’t you deserve that?

We’re with you at the touch of a button.

Contact us today!

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