7 Traits of a High-Quality Answering Service

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Whether you’re getting ready to launch your own medical practice or you’re looking to take your medical practice up a notch, you know you need a good quality phone system, preferably a medical answering service.

A medical answering service is a great way for patients to contact your office, get great customer service and prompt answers to their medical questions.

The problem is that there are many medical answering services out there. How do you know a high-quality medical answering service from a poor one?

Here are 7 traits that high-quality answering services have:

1. They Are Family Owned and Operated

Family-owned and operated medical answering service outfits are great to work with, have superior customer service and usually offer plans that are substantially cheaper than big companies. They also do a better job in providing prompt support to the medical offices in which they do business with.

2. They Are Independently Owned

Going off the previous point, a medical office answering service that is independently owned doesn’t answer to a distant, higher leadership team. The owner of the company can call all the shots then and there. This expedited decision making benefits both your medical office (by offering quicker support) and your patients (good customer service).

3. They Are Based in the US

There is nothing more frustrating and impersonal as calling your medical office and hear someone with a thick Indian accent on the end.

A medical answering service that is based in the United States will employ fluent English speakers who can clearly communicate with the patient and better identify with the patient’s health concerns. American medical answering service companies will have employees that are knowledgeable of current US medical laws, requirements and regulations.

It is a business decision that shows that the company is more interested in the good treatment of the patient than pinching pennies and making a larger profit.

4. They Have a Long, Proven Record of Success

Like any other business service investment, you need to compare the various track records of medical office answering service companies. Note how long they have been in business, what awards have they received? Do they utilize the latest technology? Do they have a professional, knowledgeable and trained staff?

Successful, high-quality medical answering services will be able to answer these questions with ease.

5. Patients Are Their Top Priority

Your patients will be interacting with representative from the medical answering services company on a daily basis. Make sure that they care as much about your patients as you do.

6. They Keep Data Secure

As a medical office, you’re going to be in possession of and sharing confidential, patient health information.

There are strict HIPAA guidelines about the kind of information that can be shared both over the phone and in-person. To avoid the risk of substantial fines, be sure to get a medical phone company that is HIPPA compliant.

Most high-quality medical phone companies will utilize advanced, HIPPA approved data security features such as HITECH.

7. They Continuously Strive for Improvement

A quality medical phone service company that utilizes the latest technology will naturally strive to improve its employees and practices.  It will have employees who are either certified or working on various certifications such as being HIPPA certified.

To have a successful medical office, you need a high-quality medical office answering service. A good medical phone company will put your patients first, be HIPPA certified, have excellent customer service as well as customer support.

Communication is important in the medical field. If you want a quality medical answering service, contact No More Phone Tag today and discover how we can help your office run more efficiently and have superior customer service.

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