5 Things You Want Out Of A Good Answering Service

29 Jul, 2017     nomorephonetagNew
Good Answering Service

If you are a doctor, you find it important to develop strong relationships with your patients. You cannot be available all the time to respond to questions and concerns that your patients may have, so you need an answering service to pick up where you have left off, in regards to friendliness, usefulness, and reliability to your patients.

Hiring an answering service for a doctor’s office will allow you and your coworkers to focus on the tough tasks you have in front of you each day. In a way, having an answering service help you is a form of multitasking, in which multiple needs can be met at the same time. Here are things to look for when hiring a good answering service.

1. Professionalism

Your office accepts calls all day, in case of an emergency that could arise at any time. If you are not present to respond to help needed by a patient, you want an answering service that understands the importance of tending to the concerns of each patient. You would like a service that has representatives who are professional and will handle calls appropriately. Representatives are trained to escalate calls when needed, and keeping doctors and nurses in check with what is on their agenda each day. A professional representative would be as if he or she was taking the call right form your office.

2. HIPAA Compliancy

When looking for medical answering services, you need to check to see if each of them is HIPAA compliant. Why this is important is because your patients will need to share their personal information, and the HIPAA ensures that that information remains discreet from any outside parties.

Look for any mentions of the HIPAA on their company web site. If you find out if a medical answering service is not HIPAA compliant, that is an indicator for you to step away and find another company. If you insist on hiring a medical answering service that does not have HIPAA compliancy, you will do so at your own risk.

3. Availability

A hospital works 24 hours per day, every day of the week, and must comply with the schedule of doctors and nurses. When a patient needs help, there should always be somebody there to answer his or her call. Whenever needed, a good answering service will invest in the best technologies to be there for you and your patients. If an answering service cannot guarantee around the clock availability, then it should be in your best interests to find one that will.

4. Speediness

A medical answering service should have representatives who are ready to answer calls in a second’s notice. A good answering service for a doctor’s office should not waste any time at all to respond to client’s concerns, and should have plenty of representatives on hand to minimize a caller’s waiting time. If a patient has to wait several minutes to get his or her concerns addressed, it creates a sense of inconvenience that the doctor or the medical answering service should easily do something about.

5. Customization

Every inquiry is different, as well as every experience the medical answering service would handle for each patient. You should keep this in mind when you have calls being handled by representatives. A good answering service will be open to changing their stance to tailor to the needs of your patients.

For instance, if you were a chiropractor, you would want to have representatives to handle patients’ calls that had to do with back or spinal problems, so that patients can get what they need faster.

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