5 Reasons to Change Your Healthcare Answering Service Today

8 Mar, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

Your healthcare answering service is the life blood of your business. It takes in calls, prioritizes, directs, and makes sure everything is running smoothly, at least from a communications point of view. However, if your answering service is not doing its job, your business could be in serious trouble. Here are 5 good reasons to go with a service like No More Phone Tag.

1. Patient Communications

Many live answering services have a great deal of overhead like employee pay. In order to solve this issue, some are outsourcing part of their services. When a patient calls after hours and gets a live healthcare answering service, he or she could be talking to someone in a third world country. When it comes to medical issues, communications are vital and if your patients cannot understand workers from the answering service, all kinds of problems can develop.

2. Patient Frustration

Have you ever left someone a message and never got a return call? This can be extremely frustrating and make you feel like you are insignificant and do not matter. If your healthcare answering service makes patients feel badly or even angry, they are very likely to seek out another practice. In fact, they may just quit making appointments and not give a reason why.

3. Doctor Privacy

With all the new laws and regulations concerning patient privacy, few people are considering the privacy needs of today’s healthcare professionals. When your answering service contacts you and you contact a patient, your caller ID information does not have to show up when you choose a trusted healthcare answering service like No More Phone Tag. There is no need to worry about your personal contact information falling into the wrong hands.

4. More Choices

How does your answering service contact you? Most likely you receive a phone call, but if you want to be sure, you should have the options of getting messages via text, cell, email, or home phone. This will make your life just a little bit easier and more convenient.

5. Saving Money

If you are budget conscious (and most healthcare professionals have to be) why not use a healthcare answering service with more options, more convenience, and lower costs? You can enjoy No More Phone Tag for a flat rate fee of $65 each month and we will not hit you with any hidden charges or extras. Plus, you can try our service at no risk for a full two weeks.

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