4 Ways to Save on Physician’s Business Costs

9 Jun, 2015     admin

When most people think of doctors today, they think about fancy cars and large homes. The truth is, physicians are people like anyone else and, yes, most of them have more in life, but they have worked hard for everything they own. It’s not easy to run a practice and with the astronomically high cost of malpractice insurance, runaway healthcare costs, and many other factors, it can be difficult make a living these days. Expenses like utilities, building upkeep, and physician answering service cost, can be substantial. Here are some helpful tips for cutting costs with phone answering services.

1. Check Out Schedules

Perhaps business has been slow lately. If you can cut one day a week from your schedule, this can save a great deal of time. Plus, you’ll pay out less in wages to your office staff. No one wants to have their hours cut, but your staff will understand the need if business is slow.

2. Hire Part-time Staff

Do you really need as many full-time staff on hand as you currently have? There’s no reason to lay people off or terminate them. Suppose one of your staff is quitting soon. Maybe you can replace this person with more than one part-time staff member. Part-time employees usually do not receive job benefits, and this can save money. Many doctor offices have a high turnover of workers, so it may not take long to utilize this strategy.

3. Eliminate Waste

Are people using your facilities for non work related things? For instance, maybe someone is making long distance calls after the office is closed. Get a log of your monthly phone calls and see where they are going.

Are you spending a great deal on your office supplies? Find out exactly how much is being spent and see if you can go with another supplier. Also, make sure your supplies are not leaving the office on a regular basis. Some employees may “borrow” things, and these supplies can add up over time.

4. Change Phone Answering Service

How much does your physician answering service cost? Are you paying for each call or for the length of each call? Do you use a live answering service? If so, it may be time to check into a new service. Consider a flat rate answering service like No More Phone Tag. We provide virtual automated phone services with many important functions. Plus, we give you a free 14 day trial, so there is no risk.

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