4 Ways an Answering Service Can Save you Money

16 Feb, 2015     admin

No More Phone Tag isn’t a phone company. It’s a hosted service that can enhance your current phone system by taking your calls and ensuring that they reach their intended recipients. It cuts out all the hassles that come with using a call center service — human error, wasted money for mistakes and problems left unsolved, unhappy customers, and the disconnect between your company and the customer. With our Doctors Answering Service, your calls are automatically answered by our computer-based service and sent exactly where they need to go.

Prioritize Emergency Calls

When there’s a medical emergency, a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Doctors and hospitals rely on medical answering services to determine whether or not a call is for a medical emergency and how to respond appropriately. No More Phone Tag screens all calls that come in and determines whether or not each call is an emergency. It then sends emergency and non-emergency calls to their appropriate recipients. If a call is an emergency, the patient’s doctor is notified in three seconds or fewer via pager, cell phone, text message, or all three of these options. If a call is not an emergency, the patient’s message is delivered to that doctor the very next day.

Customize Answering Systems to Your Company’s Needs

Your business is unique. It has unique needs. No More Phone Tag can customize your package to meet all your company’s needs. If your company has multiple physicians working in the same building or has unique issues to be addressed with its answering service, we can address that and work it into your service package. No More Phone Tag’s base setup includes the features that nearly all businesses use, such as forwarding and dispatching. In fact, most of our clients find that our base package includes everything they need.

It’s Faster Than Call Center Service

When No More Phone Tag handles your calls, they always get picked up on the first ring. Your customers are never put on hold. Instead of spending time talking with an individual in a call center, your customer’s calls go straight to their final destination — the doctor. No information is lost between the patient and the doctor because there is no place for it to be lost.

It Costs Less Than Call Center Service

Call center answering services can cost up to $750 per month. This is money you don’t have to spend. Our service is priced to save you money while eliminating the headaches that come with a traditional answering service. A No More Phone Tag setup will cost your company $65 per month for up to two doctors. If you have more doctors or specific needs outside of what our base package includes, the price will reflect these. But before you commit to buying anything, try us out for free for 14 days. There’s no credit card required for our free trial — just your name, phone number, and email address. Don’t buy us until you’ve tried us and seen first hand how No More Phone Tag can streamline your phone system and make your business more efficient.

Learn more about how No More Phone Tag’s service can save your business money today!


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