4 Questions To Ask Medical Answering Services

9 Jul, 2015     admin

At No More Phone Tag, we have years of experience in working with doctors to provide medical answering services with the features and options required by doctors of all types of specializations.

We provide physician’s answering services to single-doctor offices, busy clinics, and even medical facilities that need overflow phone support during peak times of the day. With our flat monthly rate, it makes planning for our service very cost effective, and we eliminate any possible surprises at the end of your billing cycle.

Experience and Expertise

With our background in the industry as well as our strong commitment to being fully HIPPA compliant, our answering systems are used by top medical clinics, office and facility across the United States.

We understand that making a choice between automated medical answering services can be a challenge. It can seem overwhelming as each company seems to offer something just a bit more or different from the competition. We believe our system is the best out there, largely because we can customize it to meet your needs.

Unlike the competition, we don’t try to sell you answering services that you can accommodate your practice to work. Instead, out systems can be configured and set up to whatever type of on-call or overall phone systems you need.

Emergency Information

Have you ever, as a doctor, been called during your on-call rotation from your live operator call center for a non-emergency case? And, we are willing to bet, this happens on a routine basis with live operators.

It is not a criticism of these hard-working people, but they aren’t medically trained. They don’t really know if the patient is experiencing a true emergency, or they may overreact to information and call the on-call physician.

With automatic medical answering services, the patient can indicate if it is an emergency, and leave a message for the physician. The doctor will immediately be made aware there is a message waiting, and can hear the patient providing information. Then, the doctor can use our simple one-button system to call the patient, showing only the number of the clinic on any call display.

The result of using our system is a very streamlined, efficient and effective physician’s answering service. Not only will your patients be sure the doctor is hearing their own words describing the situation, but all those unnecessary calls can be avoided, a real plus in any practice.


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