4 Common Myths about Healthcare Call Center Automation

10 Jun, 2015     admin

Jim walked down a barren street with no signs of life. Where were all the people? Had machines finally taken over and dealt mankind a deathblow? How could this possibly have happened? Although this is not reality, science fiction movies about machines taking over the planet are common and they have spawned some myths which should be put to rest. Some of those myths concern automated healthcare call center services.

Myth Number One – When you automate a phone system you remove the personal touch.

Truth – Talking to a live person is not always a good thing. For example, if a mother needs to discuss healthcare with her pediatrician on a weekend, what good does it to talk to someone in a third world country who can’t speak or understand English very well, and knows absolutely nothing about medicine or pediatrics? It’s better to have an efficient automated system which can put the woman in touch with the doctor in a short amount of time.

Myth Number Two – It does little good to try and talk to a machine, so it’s better to hang up.

This myth may be based in fact, because many people have experienced leaving a message and not being called back. However, the problem lies in the way the automated system is set up. For example, No More Phone Tag answering service has safeguards against this happening. The system separates urgent from non-emergency calls, forwards emergency calls to a doctor on duty, and has backup phone numbers for contacts. When you call the right system, it does a great deal of good to leave a message.

Myth Number Three – A high tech and efficient automated healthcare call center is too expensive for smaller practices.

This myth is very common and this is true if you contact the wrong services. Some answering services will charge you by the call or by the minute. These services can be very expensive, but it is not expensive to use a good answering service which charges a flat fee each month. No More Phone Tag is only $65 per month, and this includes an unlimited amount of calls.

Myth Number Four – Automated call centers for healthcare professionals are too complex to learn and it will take me too long to train my employees.

Some services may not be easy to learn and understand. However, No More Phone Tag is very simple and you can evaluate it free, for an entire 14 days.

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