3 Reasons Patients Like Automated Healthcare Call Center Options

13 Jul, 2015     admin

At No More Phone Tag, our goal with all our medical answering service systems is to provide the best possible system for patients to be able to communicate directly with their doctors, even after hours.

In most cases patients calling a doctor after hours aren’t calling for an emergency, they have already called 911 and are just informing their family doctor of the situation. In specialty practices such as cosmetic surgeons, chiropractors, ophthalmologists, rheumatologists or other specialized practitioners they are most likely calling in to change an appointment, ask for a prescription renewal, or to confirm appointments.

While you can pay a “live operator” medical answering services to take these calls, we know we have a better option. By using our automated systems you patients can leave you a message, without having to go through a human operator, and you can respond on your next business day.

No Delays

With an automated system, each and every phone call into the system will be answered on the first ring. This is certainly not the case with large or small live operator medical answering services where the phone may ring from a considerable amount of time before someone picks up.

Medical practices have no idea of how many customers simply hang up when the call isn’t answered. Keep in mind this could also include new patients, which is always something that ends up impacting a practice.

No Questions

When patients call in and get a live operator, they have to go through a series of questions. These can be challenging for a patient, especially if they just want to leave a simple message.

For complicated requests for rescheduling or appointments, or even for emergency situations, having to explain personal medical issues to the live operator can be very difficult. Often these individuals have no medical training and may not know what to ask or may ask questions completely irrelevant to what the doctor may need to know.

No Waiting

On the other side of the call, the doctor on rotation for emergencies also doesn’t have any delay in hearing the patient information when using our automated medical answering services.

He or she will be notified immediately of an emergency case, and will be able to listen to the patient or family members message exactly as provided. Then, with a callback, the doctor can find out additional information, all within a very few minutes of the initial call.

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