3 Big Issues With Healthcare Call Centers

30 Jan, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

When considering the pros and cons of using a live operator system for a medical office after hours call service, there are three very big issues that need to be carefully examined.
In the past, and without the use of our specialized virtual systems, healthcare call centers were really all that the medical profession had to consider. Now, with the technology and the endless possibilities of designing customized virtual systems specifically for the needs of doctors and healthcare professionals, taking the time to look at the risks and issues with the traditional systems is more important than ever.
Operator Error
There is always the very real issue of operator errors at call centers. This may include issues with escalating non-emergency calls to emergencies, resulting in a lot of frustration for the on-call professional.
At No More Phone Tag, we also hear doctors complain of situations where the live operator didn’t respond to the severity of the medical issue or failed to follow through with contacting the on-call doctor.
HIPPA Compliance Issues
Whenever there are non-medically trained people involved in relaying confidential patient information, there is the potential for HIPPA compliance issues and complaints. The live operator may make notes that then become available to others, or they may ask questions of the patients that are outside of the scope of what they need to know.
While the healthcare call centers may advertise as being HIPPA compliant, they may not provide the training to their staff in a timely fashion if at all. This can result in your office running the risk of being out of compliance, ending up in fines and complications with establishing your professional reputation with regards to protecting patient information.
Cost and Services
Finally, with the single flat rate we charge at No More Phone Tag we are much less costly than the traditional types of healthcare call centers. We don’t charge by the volume of calls received or the emergency calls placed to doctors from the system. And, since the messages are delivered in the exact words the patient used, there is never any confusion or uncertainty on the part of the doctor as to the nature of the call.
With this flat rate for all types of services including the option for bilingual messages, multiple contact options and even the ability for different physicians to have different messages for their patients, our service comes out as the clear choice over the competition.

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