Medical Answering Service that Reflects Your Practice

Working in the medical field, you go out of your way to handle calls your practice in the most friendly and professional manner possible. However, it’s not feasible to have your staff handle calls 24/7, so, for after hours, lunch and weekends, you need the best possible answering service and at a price that fits your budget.

One problem with medical answering services is that they are inconsistent and prone to errors. Our medial answering service, in contrast, is so accurate, professional, and patient friendly that 91.7% of the medical practices that take our free trial stays on board and our yearly retention rate is 96.9%.

One other problem with most answering services is that they charge for every call or minute. A better alternative is a flat rate answering service. With this, the medical answering service pricing is just one low flat rate every month whether you have a hundred callers or a thousand callers. This method of billing is a much better alternative for any medical office because the costs can be easily factored and fit into any monthly operating budget. There’s no more worry of sticker shock at the end of the month when the answering service bill arrives.

Our Medical Answering Services

  • Answer every call on the first ring, and separate non-urgent calls from the truly urgent ones
  • Make sure the correct doctor is notified immediately
  • Allow the physician to call back to patients without needing to block his/her caller ID

If the message is urgent, then the service will ensure that the on-call physician is notified within a few seconds. If the doctor on call is not responding to the first delivery attempt, the escalation process guarantees that the patient will get a call back in the shortest possible time.

Our service will help you streamline the operations of your medical office. Not only will we help to make sure that the patient gets in contact with his or her physician, but we will also help to keep your costs low. More and more physicians are seeing the benefits of quality answering services for medical offices. Once you give it a try, you’ll wonder why you had not done it sooner, so contact us today!

Doctors Answering Service

When a patient calls, no matter the time of day or night, our answering services will quickly answer the phone and triage each calls per your instructions. If it’s urgent, we will then contact you the physician.


Property Management Answering Service

Running a property management company often means handling urgent and non-urgent maintenance requests, and helping prospective residents learn if your property is right for them.