$65 Monthly Flat Rate
100% HIPAA Compliant

Customizable and Cost-Effective Answering Service

Patients value the reassurance which a high quality after-hours medical answering service can bring, but sometimes finding the right provider can be a challenge. If you’re looking for an efficient, dedicated facility, we’re here to help. As an experienced call-center company that specializes in providing a virtual receptionist service to a variety of medical practices, we have the skills and experience you need to make your afterhours evening and weekend answering service a success. Our team offers a tailored service, delivering your personalized greetings and ensuring that each patient knows exactly which medical practice they’re calling.

We Differentiate Between Non-Emergency and Emergency Calls

We understand that when patients need essential medical care, every second counts. Our call handling team knows which calls need an immediate response and will normally pass them on to the relevant medical professional within a few seconds. Should no answer be forthcoming, the call will automatically transfer to the next person on the on-call list, minimizing dangerous delays. Should a call not need a doctor to respond rapidly, the message will be forwarded to the correct answering service, ready to be picked up during normal practice hours.

Accurate, Professional Forwarding of Patient Messages

Our team knows how important it is that patients are confident their call will be dealt with correctly, no matter when they call. We operate a 24-hour call center, so patients will always receive a polite, personalized response. When your practice is contacted by phone, we can forward the call to your pager, cell phone, home phone number or texting service. No matter how you wish to be contacted, we make sure the messages get though. Whether you’re a lone physician with a small case load, or a doctor that’s part of a larger practice which might expect to receive 24 hour business correspondence, we offer the same level of prompt, polite service.

Straight-Forward, Automated Telephone Service

The service operates using the following straight-forward process:

  • When a patient calls, their message is categorized as either urgent or non-urgent by our office staff.
  • Urgent calls are directed to the on-call contact within a few seconds. Should the call not be answered, the next contact is automatically called.
  • Non-urgent calls are either directed to the appropriate voice mail facility for the next day, or if no such service is available patients are told to call back.
  • Practitioners receive messages “word-for-word”, guaranteeing their accuracy.
  • Our automated system allows doctors to have a live, private conversation with callers if required.
  • Calls can be transferred to a home telephone, via text, cell phone or to a pager.

Flat Rate Charging Allows Accurate Budgeting

Rather than charging by the call, our business charges you a flat rate, regardless of how many calls your practice receives after hours. We operate medical answering services that provide an economical solution for practices of various types. To find out more about how we can help your patients enjoy the benefits of reliable, professional and efficient evening and weekend call handling, call us at (800) 929-1202.